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BBF's mission is creation of natural and elegant image that maximizes the identity of each visitor.

TOP Beauty studio of Kyiv, Ukraine

BBF Beauty Salon is glad to open its doors to the lovers of the beauty!
We work to make the world a better place, and you, our dear visitors, even happier!

The studio is just 100 meters near by subway station: ~ Poznyaki ~
Parallel BC office 305,

Parking is available on site.

Our masters, working on the latest generation equipment.
Professional cosmetologists will create an unforgettable natural image that preserves your personal features.
We offer a wide range of services, including manual, also machine procedures:

  • depilation;
    micro current therapy;
    cleansing the face and body;
    RF lifting;
+ special program

Peeling almond 600 ₴
Peeling Jessner 800 ₴
Peeling Purifying 700 ₴
Peeling PRXt33 1800 ₴
Quick peel 600 ₴
Alginate mask 300 ₴
Mechanical cleaning Holy land 600 ₴
Combined cleaning (mechanical + ultrasonic) Holy land 750 ₴
Combined cleaning (mechanical + ultrasonic) DMK 1100 ₴
Enzyme mask:
№ 1 750 ₴
№ 1 +2 900 ₴
№ 1 +3 900 ₴
№ 1 + 2 + 3 1100 ₴
Moisturizing care Holy land 800 ₴
Danne care №1 550 ₴
Danne care №2 550 ₴
Microcurrents 500 ₴
Body sliming POWER SHAPE
Body care:
RF lifting + vacuum massage 15 min 350 ₴
STYX Body wrap procedures:
Whiskey swaddling:
local (from heel to chest) 890 ₴
total (all body) 990 ₴
Cello - Gel hot wrap:
local (from heel to chest) 660 ₴
total (all body) 760 ₴Classic massage 500 ₴
Spanish massage 600 ₴
Sugaring (Depilation)
Bikini (classic) 300 ₴
Bikini (full) 400 ₴
Hands to elbow 200 ₴
Full hands 250 ₴
Armpits 150 ₴
Lip up zone 70 ₴
Hips 250 ₴
Legs (full) 400 ₴
Loin 120 ₴
Buttocks 170 ₴
Back 210 ₴
Manicure & Pedicure
Female machine Manicure cut 200 ₴
Removal of gel varnish 50 ₴
Gel varnish coating 250 ₴
Coating with ordinary lacquer 100 ₴
Coating of French / wells / rub 300 ₴
Alignment of nail plate 80 ₴
Extension of nail plate 600 ₴
Increase correction 400 ₴
Female pedicure 350 ₴
Finger pedicure 200 ₴
Foot pedicure 200 ₴
Men manicure 200 ₴
Men pedicure 400 ₴
SPA therapy 150 ₴
Healing IBX 150 ₴
we use only safe and effective cosmetics
Body wrap procedures STYX + Shape correction (POWER SHAPE)
Lymphatic drainage massage
Normalizes circulation and disperses stagnant fluid, the main cause of edema. The skin can cope better with cold, sun and dry air.
Hardware procedure RF-lifting
Electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into the skin, so even deep age wrinkles are smoothed out. RF-lifting tightens the upper and lower eyelids, facial wrinkles and chin line. Ten treatments are enough for the skin to produce better collagen and maintain tone.
Shape correction
We offer body care treatments that reduce body weight and improve skin overall.
Peeling, cleansing, masks, massage, microcurrents, enzymes
Hyaluronic acid cleanses the skin, preventing inflammation and acne. Cleansed pores are easier to absorb moisture and oxygen, the skin looks
smooth and fresh.
Removes corroded skin with the help of fruit acids. Corrects wrinkles, pigmented spots and increases skin elasticity.
Microcurrent is a special type of physiotherapy, the main purpose of which is to rejuvenate the skin with the help of a pulse current, which has an exceptionally positive effect, improves blood microcirculation and accelerates metabolic processes.
Sugar paste
100% natural
Sugar paste is used to remove all unnecessary hair, method is less painful than wax, effectively remove hair along the lines of their growth.
We are proud of our specialists with more than 3 years of experience, their work is refined to the smallest detail, it reduces waiting time in a queue and takes no more than 20 minutes!
The choice of material is the use of sugar or wax.
Masters will choose the best solution, taking into account the structure of hair and skin condition;
We work safe and make it comfortable for our guests! Many clients are worried about experiencing pain while removing their hair. With us you will forget about it!
Special body correction programs


  • Remove local fat, reduce body volume, adjust figure.
  • Cellulite. The procedure reduces and processes even deep fat. Flabby, saggy skin.
  • The device is equally effective when working with different areas of the body (hands, feet, abdomen) and eliminates aesthetic defects caused by various causes (childbirth, dramatic weight loss, hormonal changes, etc.)
  • The procedure improves microcirculation, metabolism, lymphatic flow and wellness.


We offer you the perfect beauty ceremony in a relaxing atmosphere and sterile conditions. Well-groomed handles, healthy nails and neat feet are an integral part of your flawless appearance. We have compiled for you best practices of European salons.

Original / Trends / Safety

Here you will find your mood color in the palette of 120 colors from Kodi, CND Shellac, Oxxy wizards to tell you the news and trends.
After the manicure, the master will lubricate the fingers
with aromatic and useful cuticle oil.
We take care of your safety, so we disinfect all surfaces before the procedure. Each visitor receives an individual set of pollen and buffs.
Дизайн, Коррекция, Наращивание
Уход и забота о Ваших ножках от профессионалов бьюти-студии
Beauty Body Face
Работаем с 2016 года
Нам доверяют более 200 лояльных клиентов
Мы выполнили более 8.000 маникюрно-педикюрных работ
Воплотили в жизнь более 1.000 дизайнов

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Quality cosmetics
with Worldwide reputation
Holy Land Cosmetics is Professional skin care
Holy Land (Israel) - professional cosmetics, with 30 years of experience. The Holy Land brand lab produces highly effective professional products to address various skin problems. One of the basic principles of the company is
not to save money on ingredients,
that improve product quality.
The active ingredients are contained in high concentrations, which allows you to achieve quality results using them. Holy Land has a large number of different lines that make it easy to choose home care products based on the individual skin characteristics of each person.
DMK Danne Therapeutic cosmetics
DMK (Danne) is a pharmaceutical cosmetic product.
An American brand with a long history, a strong, constantly evolving laboratory. Natural ingredients that actively influence the skin are used in the work. Cosmetics do not add artificial fragrances, so they smell of those substances that are included in their recipe. Danne cosmetics work at the cellular level and affect such skin defects as: acne, acne, pigmentation, age changes, scars. DMK's flagship procedure is enzymatic therapy.
Позняки Косметология, коррекция фигуры, лифтинг, мезотерапия, студия красоты, Позняки, киев,
Special body correction programs
BBF studio
and leader of the beauty services in Poznyaky district.
This is not an ordinary beauty salon, it is an atmosphere of comfort and care in harmony with professionalism.
We employ only the best certified specialist who are able to find an individual approach to each guest.
We only order safe and effective cosmetics for you to see the result after the first visit!
Figure correction
Monday - Saturday
10.00 – 20.00
BBF studio BC "Parallel"
Косметолог Киев, Позняки салон красоты, студия красоты, шугаринг, маникюр, педикюр, мезотерапия, пиллинг, лифтинг, Киев
Коррекция фигуры, студия красоты Позняки
Виски пеленание, киев, студия красоты, салон красоты позняки
Очень хороший салон. Лаконичный, дорогой интерьер. Отличная команда профессионалов и соотношение цена/качество.
Вы молодцы, я очень довольна Шугарингом, нет раздражения кожи, супер ❤️
Осталась довольна всем) все мастера профессионалы)и главное,что везде царит чистота и стерильность)это самое главное в таких тонких женских делах)
Я в восторге от вашего маникюра. Мастер Лена - умница, так ей и передайте !
100m near by Poznyaki subway station
BC "Parallel" 3 floor 305 cab.
063 998 89 97

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